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Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

  • $31.97

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We know what a hassle it can be to clean makeup brushes!! 

Cleaning your cosmetic brushes by hand is hard and boring work...but if you don't do it regularly, you know that your brushes will be prone to germs and bacteria. These can even lead to serious skin infections - YUCK! 

The solution? This Electric Brush Cleaner is honestly a lifesaver for all makeup lovers! Now you can clean and dry your brushes in a matter of seconds! No more dirty brushes, or the hassle of waiting for your brushes to dry for hours! This little gem will have them clean and dry in UNDER 60 SECONDS!

Here’s how it works

    1. Fasten the brush to the attachments
    2. Put water and soap or your favorite brush cleaner into the bowl.
    3. Dip and dunk the brush for 5-10 seconds.
    4. Turn on the spinner, spin the brush to clean for about 10 seconds.
    5. Add clear water and clean again.
    6. Spin the brush for 10 seconds (above the liquid!!) to dry it.
    7. Use your brush right away!

Stop wasting time in your bathroom cleaning your brushes! Now you can clean your brushes while watching TV!

  • Perfectly Clean Makeup Brushes in Less than a Minute
  • Save Money by Using Your Old Brushes Again and Again
  • No Germs…No Bacteria…No Skin Infections!